Bentleyville Union Holiness Camp Meeting Assn.  Established in 1867

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Our Mission  is the proclamation of the full gospel of the Word of God in a setting where individuals and families can relax, away from the pressures of daily living, enjoy youth, children and adult activities, enjoy each other and be drawn to Jesus Christ in intimate relationship.  We want to share with you the presence of God in our worship, Bible studies and praise services.

The Word of God is held out as God's invitation to begin a love relationship with the Lord Jesus.  Loving the Son of God and studying the Word is meant to transform us.  We become like Jesus and our life changes, growing in faith, devotion and obedience to the Father's will.

Our Wesleyan heritage is expressed in our belief that God wants all men, everywhere, to know Him.  We want to encourage you to trust God with your life, trust His love, and yield to His will.

Our History
Begun in 1867 by a group of Methodists, Bentleyville Camp Meeting was
established as a place where "perfect love" (as preached by John Wesley,
the founder of the Methodist movement) was to be taught and promoted.
After the horrors of the Civil war, the hunger for God and for an experience
of His cleansing of the soul and heart from impure motive brought
thousands to camp on horse and buggy each year.  Some estimated the crowds at 7,000 to 15,000 attended these camp meetings.

The beautiful hillside grounds were leased for 25 years and then purchased in November 1891, from Martha J Stevens, the daughter of Sheshbazzar Bentley, the town founder.  Men and women of faith and vision have improved our facilities on the twenty acres and added many buildings.  The unique main tabernacle structure was completed in 1907.  A hotel (1953), dormitories (1963), children's center (1996) and upgraded nursery (2001) have increased the usefulness of the grounds for everyone who comes.

Well known preachers of the Wesleyan persuasion such as Phoebe Palmer, Joseph Smith, H C Morrison and John Church were heard in the tabernacle meetings.

Over  these years, many people have found life in the Lord Jesus on these grounds..  Many today trace their spiritual life and their deeper experiences with the Lord to the camp meeting services, and to the atmosphere of love and concern.

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